Steven's Interiors

Design Philosophy



Interior design always presents cherished opportunities to create beauty, to transform a residence into a work of art while preserving its distinctive need to be a viable and comfortable home. The designer’s artwork, however, unveils itself quite differently than museum galleries displaying  precious creations of the artist’s hand. Throughout the centuries, esteemed museum collections have transcended time, but functioning only in stasis, to be enjoyed and admired solely through our sense of sight within a neutral, even somewhat sterile setting.

In sharp contrast, the interior designer develops a multi-dimensional art within which people are able to immerse themselves, surrounded by its beauty and enveloped by its mystery. The resultant artistry engages our whole being to participate actively in its offerings. 

Whether the space be a handsome office, a traditional library sporting rich, dark woods and Tartan plaids or a private sanctuary saturated in hues of lilac and periwinkle blue, each ambience presents itself with a unique aura that encourages one’s presence and involvement. A well-designed environment delights an inquisitive eye and welcomes our sense of touch to heighten appreciation of its varied textures. Confluently, it offers the perfect backdrop for gentle conversation or audio-video entertainment. Ultimately, it is our cerebral and physical interaction with living spaces that makes them complete.  

Imbued with balance and harmony, well-conceived living spaces provide a serene safe-haven, a coveted refuge for the human condition. Ultimately, this artful space uplifts the human soul, inspiring a freedom to soar beyond the capacities of our current selves. The environment invites us to work, play, recline, think or simply - “be” - with a restful mind and quiet spirit. 

Dwelling space may assume many forms such as a period room from an Italian villa, a hideaway cabin in the Sierra’s or maybe an eclectic array of acquired treasures, reflective of who you are and harmoniously displayed, readily available for further exploration or practical use. 

I embrace interior design not as a routine function of business acumen but rather as a profession of inspired creativity; a vocation of art generating new and ever-changing visions and moods that integrate the pragmatic and the profound.  

A designer’s skills can impart freshness and vibrancy to your home’s interior surrounds. I stand ready to work with you in exploring your vision and creating the room – or castle – of your dreams.